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Unique to Traffic Patterns is Technology Development service.  We assist Tech Start-ups in the Connected Vehicle and Smart City space develop solutions for deployment within the public environment.  We guide companies towards solutions depending on their hardware and software service and then help establish partnerships for demonstration projects within the San Francisco Bay Area.


Current and Past Customers include:


 Continental ITS                                    

We are helping Continental ITS develop and deploy Smart Intersection solutions to control signalized intersections using microwave and image sensors from connected vehicles. This new intersection detection system will include Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) technology for data sharing with connected and autonomous vehicles to help reduce roadway collisions at intersections.The solution will also introduce new sidewalk and crosswalk detection for pedestrians along with bicycle differentiation technology.


 VIMOC Technologies                           

We helped design and deploy new Edge Computing Mesh networks for IoT Parking Sensor projects.  Our system deployments are active throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including the Cities of Palo Alto, Redwood City, Stanford University, and the Town of Los Gatos.


Traffic Patterns also develops its own products and service that we are forming as our own Start-Up companies including:


 Smart City Signals                                

New edge computing hardware and software solutions that digitize transportation field data and transmit it as Ethernet data to our new cloud platform for remote monitoring and data sharing through our own API.  Our IoT Traffic Signal Panel gives intelligence to traffic signal data and provides GPS-based detection capabilities for transit, emergency vehicle, and bicycles.  Developing applications include IoT Utility Infrastructure monitoring for storm/sewer pump stations.                               

A new cloud-based platform with supporting mobile apps to make Suggested Route to School maps available online.  The platform also supports Safe Routes to School - Education & Encouragement programs to allowing parents and students to establish Walking School Bus, Bike Train, and Carpool programs aimed at helping reduce neighborhood traffic congestion.                          

Launches in the Summer 2020 as an education tool for new engineers and planners working in the field of Transportation.Visit us soon to expand your knowledge on existing and developing solutions to detect bicycles and pedestrian at signalized intersections, for traffic data collection, and detection acknowledgement.


 Sign Cells                                             

Our first software solution that provides Standard Highway Sign images in AutoCAD and MicroStation format for us on street improvement and traffic control plans.

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